• Volunteer News: Recognition and Application

    The Volunteer News page is an occasion to honor and recognize our current volunteers, keep folks informed about volunteer activities, and provide timely information about opportunities available to volunteer, sponsor, and donate.

    This is a busy time for family and friends, back-to-school, holidays, and new adventures. During this time, events are a good opportunity to volunteer. The Volunteer page will keep you updated throughout the year about volunteer events.

    Updates to the Volunteer page will keep you informed with exciting news and feature articles. The Volunteer page will feature a volunteer with MHA of NKY & SWOH. Get to know those who, like yourself, find volunteering a rewarding experience. Remember, volunteering can transform you and the world around you.

    Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for a complete list of opportunities.

    To complete a volunteer application click here.


    Volunteer page comments and feedback are welcome. Any questions can be directed to:

    Carrie Ammerman [email protected]     859-431-1077  x101