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                                Personal Involvement Empowering Recovery

The P.I.E.R. Recovery Community Center is a safe harbor at Tenth & Monmouth Streets in Newport, KY for someone seeking to recover from mental illness or substance use challenges. Participants at the P.I.E.R. seek to be with others that understand. We are called “peers”, experts by experience. Each road to recovery is different, but everyone wants to feel better.

The P.I.E.R. Recovery Community Center is the home of KY Certified Peer Support Specialists (KCPSS). Peer Support Specialists are trained to focus on the impact the illness has on a person’s life while most mental health professionals are trained to focus on the symptoms of the illness. Moving from hopelessness to hope is what recovery is often about. Peer Support is:

  1. Giving and receiving help with mutuality and respect
  2. Understanding through personal experience of having been there
  3. Sharing personal experiences of hope and recovery
  4. Encouraging each person’s uniqueness
  5. Focusing on each person’s strength’s
  6. Promoting recovery by believing in each other.

There are more than a dozen FREE   classes offered throughout the week to build skills to help manage life and live life to its fullest. Recovery groups give peers the opportunity to share their experiences with difficult relationships, life issues, depression or anxiety. Success stories offer hope. Please refer to our class schedule in our brochure.

The PIER Recovery Center is a consumer operated service operating under Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio's non-profit status, policy and procedures. NorthKey Community Care provides us with use of their building and NAMI Northern Kentucky supports our efforts. 

The PIER Recovery Center is the place your recovery can begin! Call the P.I.E.R. directly at 859-547-6539 for more information.