Education Summit


March 11, 2021 l Interactive Virtual Experience through Hopin

Unraveling the Mind-Body Connection: Evidence Based Approaches to Wellness, will bring together hundreds of social workers, counselors, educators, behavioral health practitioners, emergency services providers, peer support professionals and more to engage in education, networking, and discussion around emerging mental health challenges. An expo hall will be open to showcase behavioral health agencies’ expertise and services, in turn creating opportunities for new connections and networking.

Why this theme? The mind and the body are not two separate entities—although they are often treated that way. Physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what’s known as the mind-body connection. Our chemistry and biology impact our mood and emotions, as well as thoughts and beliefs. With all of these factors combined, they play a major role in influencing our stress and physical health.

At MHANKYSWOH’s 2021 Education Summit, regional experts will provide an education program where you learn how to incorporate new skills into your practice. Not only will you receive the latest in emerging science, but you’ll walk away with practical interventions and techniques to use both with your clients and to enhance your own wellness.

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