Mental Health America wants to give you the information and resources that you are looking for as you learn about mental wellness.  We recognize that the first step in getting or giving help is education or becoming knowledgeable and we are glad you chose to learn through MHA.  It is our commitment to give you the best information supported by research, evidence, and best practice.

We can help you learn in a variety of ways.  MHA plans events throughout the year that help the community to promote mental wellness and healthy lifestyle.  Our events provide a positive experience and help create awareness so that people feel empowered to reach out when they need help and never lose hope.  Our trainings are organized based on what the community needs.  Trainings are for professionals and the community alike striving to build a strong community focused on health and well being.  You can count on us to share the latest news with you.  With the click of your mouse you can read alerts and research from the National Institute of Mental Health, hear what is happening locally, and get highlights of trend issues.

One of the best ways to learn is to hear and see examples of success.  We have stories to share that will inspire, draw tears to your eyes, and prompt you to get involved.  We learn by watching others and seeing what they are able to overcome.  Read our stories and watch our videos- be inspired!  Not only will you see success you will also learn information you need to be healthy.