Mental Health America has had many participants in various programs over the years. 
Sometimes we have people willing to share their recovery stories with us.
Below is a list of some stories we have collected over the years!


  • Felicia is a former MHA participant who utilized Supported Employment while she was also learning how to break down the stigma surrounding her Mental Illness.  Felicia has made a complete 360 on her life and owns her own business! Read the rest of Felicia's Story here!
  • Christina is a former MHA participant who also utilized Supported Employment while sturggling with her Mental Illness Diagnosis.  MHA's Supported Employment staff worked hard with Christina and now she is the head of the Children's Department for two public libraries. Read the rest of Christina's Story here!
  • Kevin is a former MHA participant who utlizied MHA's Payee Services. Through utlizing the Payee Services Kevin was able to get into an apartment while also staying on the road of recovery for his Mental Health! Read the rest of Kevin's Story here!
  • Randy is a fomer MHA participant who utilized multiple services through MHA such as Peer Support, Supported Employement, and a referral process into Droege.  Randy is now the happiest he has ever been and hopes to one day help others just like MHA staff helped him!  Read the rest of Randy's Story here!
  • Delbert is a former MHA participant who utilized MHA's Peer Support Services.  By working with Peer Support, Delbert was able to overcome his Substance Use as well as focus on his Mental Illness. Delbert has rebuilt his relationships and has learned self-empowerment to stay on the path of recovery. Read the rest of Delbert's Story here!
  • Karen is a former MHA participant who utilized MHA's Pro Bono Services.  Karen was able to successfully gain the skills and tools she needed to achieve her goals through a combination of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  Read the rest of Karen's Story here!