Moral Injury: Recovery Strategies for Healing

  • 8/31/2023 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • True
  • 11238 Cornell Park Dr. Blue Ash
  • Kara Atwell
  • [email protected]
  • In recent years, our nation has experienced an unprecedented convergence of a global pandemic, racial reckoning, climate change, shrinking human rights, and political divisions that threaten our very union. This has created a massive epidemic of Moral Injury in our world.

    Moral Injury is a crisis of identity, faith, meaning, and life purpose that is a consequence of experiencing harm through one or more of these experiences.

    • Enduring the violation of what is right by someone in legitimate authority in a high-stakes situation.
    • Perpetrating, failing to prevent, witnessing, or hearing about acts or events that violate conscience and challenge core moral foundations and codes of conduct.
    • Struggling to survive in systems that inflict no-win conditions.
    • Failing to save others or surviving when others in the same situation do not.

    Led by Dr. Susan Ward Diamond, this workshop will explore strategies for individuals and communities to repair souls broken by Moral Injury through education and group experiences. Participants will receive resources and experiences they can take back to their personal and professional communities to support this crucial work to rebuild our lives. The program will provide not only theoretical but practical tools for identifying and helping persons struggling with Moral Injury. The crucial pathway for healing is found through providing a safe environment for individuals and small groups to share their moral distress and injuries. 

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