Have you ever wished that someone could provide you with unbiased information? Give you advice on what to do about a mental health or substance abuse problem? Or where to go for treatment? We are experts in helping guide you to recovery from mental and substance use disorders. We also pride ourselves in offering education and services that will help you stay mentally stable and well.What Makes Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio Unique? Guidance is Our Expertise! Our programs and services help fulfill our agency mission and vision. Many have been developed to fill gaps in our regions service areas. We believe and uphold our commitment to providing quality services.

You can trust us to provide you with free unbiased reliable information and referrals to physicians, agencies, and other providers. Our goal is for you to be mentally well and substance abuse free so that you can participate fully in a caring community and achieve your full potential.

Our vision focuses on recovery and self-determination. It emphasizes the importance of peer support and focuses on the person. We support and build on your dreams and desires.