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What Makes Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio Unique? Guidance is Our Expertise! Our programs and services help fulfill our agency mission and vision. Many have been developed to fill gaps in our regions service areas. We believe and uphold our commitment to providing quality services.

Have you ever wished that someone could provide you with unbiased information? Give you advice on what to do about a mental health or substance abuse problem? Or where to go for treatment? We are experts in helping guide you to recovery from mental and substance use disorders. We also pride ourselves in offering education and services that will help you stay mentally stable and well.

You can trust us to provide you with free unbiased reliable information and referrals to physicians, agencies, and other providers. Our goal is for you to be mentally well and substance abuse free so that you can participate fully in a caring community and achieve your full potential.

Our vision focuses on recovery and self-determination. It emphasizes the importance of peer support and focuses on the person. We support and build on your dreams and desires.

Educate   Information, Referral and Guidance   Support
Educate   Information, Referral and Guidance   Support


Informational materials on most mental health and mental illness topics available free of charge. Referrals provided for psychiatrists and therapists, hospitals, shelters, support groups & other agencies. Access our resource directory by clicking here.

Contact Community Resources Staff:

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Employment Services:


Supported Employment Specialists assist individuals with mental or substance use disorders find competitive employment opportunities in the northern KY area.

Supported Employment Services:  This program involves a unique collaboration between Mental Health America and the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. You will work with a Certified Vocational Counselor and an Employment Specialist. The program is designed to return people with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders to the workforce or place them for the first time in competitive employment. We can assist with: resume building, brushing up on interview skills, relationship building with co-workers, job leads, mock-interviewing, and many more. Our goal for our participants is to match them with an employer based on the participant's: preferences, skills, and strengths. We make sure that the employer-employee match benefits the employer, as well. The staff create relationships with local employer's in hopes the transition to work will be easier.  The staff are also encouraged to meet the participants out in the community to help with transportations barriers.  Assisting someone find a meaningful and competitive job can positively improve his or her mental health and overall recovery

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About Supported Employment Steps to Success for the Participant.pdf
About Supported Employment Steps to Success for the Employer.pdf

Contact via e-mail: John Riesenberg or Alex Klein at: for any questions you may have.

Contact via phone: 859-431-1077


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We provide education, training and screenings to increase people’s knowledge of mental illness, substance use disorders, recovery & wellness. Most are free to the general public as well as offer continuing education credits for a small fee. For a full calendar of upcoming education and training opportunities, click here.

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Mental Health First Aid

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack — even if you have no clinical training — Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help.  MHA has received a grant to offer Youth Mental Health First Aid to Hamilton County, Ohio youth serving agencies and community members.

If you are interested in attending a course or setting up a course for your organization (at no cost to you), please contact Bill Shamblin at 859-431-1077.  

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Crisis Response Team Training - CIT:

Mental Health America provides training programs for first responders focused on safe and effective interaction with persons who are mentally ill and in crisis. We utilize the “Memphis Model” also known as CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) and a model created by the City of Cincinnati known as MHRT (Mental Health Response Team).  The Hamilton County CIT team has experienced great success and is recognized as a leader in emergency response to mental illness in the State of Ohio.  The team is focused on continuous improvement and serving citizens through caring, efficient, and effective response.  Click here to learn more.

Contact CIT Assistant to the Coordinator Kara Atwell

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DUI Assessment/Education:

Mental Health America of Northern KY and Southwest OH are licensed and certified by the state of Kentucky to serve community members who are convicted of DUI violations. We are licensed to provide the initial assessments and follow up case coordination to facilitate compliance completions. The Prime for Life education program can also be used for educational purposes in schools and workplaces. This program also meets diversion program requirements. Send a referral!

Contact Community Support Manager

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Payee Services:

Mental Health America of Northern KY and Southwest OH are now accepting new clients in the payee program. This program helps individuals in their recovery by budgeting income to meet expenses. The program ensures rent is paid along with utilities, doctor’s visits, medication costs and other expenses that are required. The staff at MHA will work with individuals or families to provide wrap around services linking the participants to community resources and educational activities to promote mental wellness. Please contact MHA to schedule an initial interview and set the wheels of financial recovery into motion. Send a referral!

Contact Community Support Manager

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Substance Abuse Wraparound:

This is a collaborative mental health program for people needing substance abuse detox and/or treatment. Support starts while the client is in treatment at Transitions, Inc. and continues until full stability and recovery is reached. Send a referral!

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Peer Support:

Peer Support Specialists offer goal oriented socialization, workshops and guidance for people who want help with their recovery from mental or substance use. Individual assistance and group activities help participants achieve their Employment, Mental Health, Physical Health, Social Health, Education, Housing, Legal issues and Substance Abuse goals. During the week visit The P.I.E.R., Personal Involvement Empowering Recovery, 1002 Monmouth to participate in a wide variety of activities. Send a referral!
To learn more, click here.

Contact Peer Support Specialist Mark Pierce at

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Compeer Program:

This program helps people with mental illness live happier, healthier, more productive lives through the power of friendship. Compeer is about making a difference by helping people get services that can support them, build them up and help them through the trials of life.   It does this by helping them form a support system, an important aspect of their recovery process.   Through group activities and one- to-one friendships with caring  volunteers, people become less isolated, more connected to their community & become healthier individuals.

Do you have a few hours a month to do fun, social activities with someone who could benefit from your friendship?  Are you looking for a flexible volunteer opportunity that can work around your schedule?  Do you have a caring heart and a desire to help others? If so, then this is the opportunity for you! No experience is necessary.

MHA and Compeer are making a difference in the communities served and in the lives of those recovering from mental illness, to learn how you can be involved, click here.

Contact Compeer Program Manager

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Support Groups:

Mental Health America manages the Support Group Clearinghouse for the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. To find a group located close to you and specific to your needs visit our Resource Directory. To update your Agency listing, please fill out the Update Form. For information on how to start a support group contact Mindy Sponseller, information below.

Contact Mindy Sponseller

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Pro Bono Counseling:

This program provides a unique and needed service linking uninsured/under-insured individuals and families with volunteer mental health professionals for free counseling services. Specifically, it is to provide stability and support to people in need due to life circumstances such as job loss, divorce, the death of a loved one or similar experiences that can be resolved with short-term counseling (approximately 6-12 sessions or less). To find out if you qualify for free counseling or if you are a professional therapist or counselor that wants volunteer your services, click here.

Contact ProBono Counseling Coordinator Mindy Sponseller

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Homeless Services Project:

This program involves a collaboration of four agencies, Mental Health America / Recovery Network, Welcome House, NorthKey and Transitions, who all provide services to clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. As a group we offer a way to develop appropriate case management plans and goals for obtaining stable income, housing and immediate mental health assistance. This service also provides on-going assessment and support to clients as well as helps clients utilize community resources to meet their individual needs.
HSP Referral Form

Contact Peer Support Specialist Mark Pierce at

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Mental Health America National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS) Credential:

We are proud to serve as an official testing site for the Mental Health America National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS) Credential. Learn more and start your application at!

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