Professional Help

Mental Wellness is something all of us want for ourselves. It is happiness, peace of mind, enjoyment and satisfaction in life. Our mental health affects our everyday life. It affects our work and the overall way that people get along with their family, at school, on the job, at play, with their peers, and in their communities. It involves the way that each person balances his or her needs, ambition, abilities, ideals, feelings and conscience in order to meet the demands of everyday life.

Research continues to show the benefit of using a combination of treatments that promote wellness. Recovery can consist of utilizing a psychiatrist, therapist, support system/group, education, holistic approaches and healthy lifestyle changes. Your psychiatrist will prescribe medication for you, while your therapist or counselor is someone you can talk to on a regular basis for professional support and guidance. Your support system may include your family, friends, spirituality, peer support and regular attendance at a support group(s).

Education means learning about your illness and empowering yourself to get the help you need from those around you. Holistic approaches can include massage, yoga, chiropractics, acupuncture, etc. Finding and making lifestyle choices that are right for you, like relaxing, eating healthy, and exercising will also help your recovery. We believe the best treatment for any mental illness is using a combination of treatments that best meets your needs and keeps moving you forward.