Finding healthy fun activities are important to staying well or recovering from mental or substance use disorders. What do you find fun?

Especially when you've been dependent on alcohol or other drugs for finding fun, finding healthy fun can be challenging. If you've been depressed or overwhelmed it can be difficult to motivate yourself to find fun. It takes thought and conscience effort to Find Your Fun. You will need to have it on your mind so you actually do it.

Discovering fun and healthy activities

"When I get extremely overwhelmed and need to change my point of reference quickly, a trip to go cart competition racing is fun and a quick fix. I get to drive fast and furious." says Jill King, Associate Executive Director of Mental Health America of NKY & SWOH. I discovered this by just trying it out one day.

Consider . . . .

Something I enjoyed in the past and will begin doing _______________________________________________________.

Something I would like to do that I have not done before is ___________________________________________________.

I think it would be fun to _____________________________________________________.

Next week, I will __________________. Next month I will _________________ . Next year I will ___________________________.

Finding fun really mobilizes your positive energy. Positive energy helps build and attract positive relationships. Many people fear not being able to have fun anymore. Yet, over time, people do find new things that bring them pleasure. Sometimes immediate solutions to life situations are impossible, however, actions can be taken to help cope and feel better. For example, a man came to us very depressed. His wife left him and took his children to another state. The legal system was going to take some time to rectify the situation. The gentleman thought back to what made him happy earilier in life. Martial arts! He went back to the same center and rekindled positive relationships, practiced focusing and got exercise too.

If you started making high-risk alcohol or drug choices at a young age or experienced a mental disoder most of your life, you may not have ever developed ways of relaxing apart from state dependent activities -- like drinking or lying on the couch. If you think of something fun you did before you started making high-risk choices or felt bad, it may seem like "kid stuff," because it was. If you have this experience, it tells us two things: how much our recreation is tied up in state dependent activities and that we will need to learn some new ways to have healthy fun.  You on the other hand may easily recall old hobbies or ways of relaxing and enjoying activities that you've abandoned. Sometimes things seem less rewarding do to changes in the brain and need to be relearned.

Brainstorm with a friend, family member or professional activities that may be worth trying. Make sure the activities don't trigger negative behaviors.

Activities you might consider: Hunting or fishing, other water or winter sports, sky diving, hiking or mountain climbing, music (listening or playing), travel, other sports, art or photography, wood working or other crafts, spirtual pursuits, learning a new language, more education or other new hobbies.

Finding the Fun First will make your life more enjoyable, make your day, brighter, help you have better experiences.

Remember that spending time and energy on Finding the Fun will make you feel better about everything you have to do in your life.  You’ll feel better about all the chores, the have-tos and stuff you just can’t get out of yet… And yes, in addition, it will help you attract more abundance!

Once again, there are nothing but advantages and positive consequences when you focus and put energy into Finding the Fun.