Understanding Your Loan

Wednesday, September 27 

11 a.m. EST

Before you sign off on that car loan or other personal loan, do you know how they will impact your future? Learn about buyer beware, loan consolidation, default and grace periods, repayment plans and more. Please note, this does not cover student loans-that's a whole different beast.

Long Term Savings and Retirement

Wednesday, October 25

6 p.m. EST

October is National Retirement Security Month. It's never too early to start thinking about retirement. Learn how much money you really need to retire, how 401ks work, what types of IRA’s and other retirement tips. Even if you have pensions and other accounts in place, there is probably something else you can do to plan for your successful future!

Consumer Protection

Wednesday, November 15

11 a.m. EST

Finances are almost always the #1 cause of stress in the US. Scams and fraudulent activity can add even more pressure to an already tense area of life. Learn more about identity theft, current cybercrimes and types of scams, prevention suggestions and how to file a consumer complaint. Protect yourself and loved ones.

Are You Ready for Tax Season? 

Wednesday, January 10

11 a.m. EST

Taxes are one of the only constants in life, but they don't have to be your biggest source of stress from January-April. Learn more about tax vocabulary, filing status, payroll withholding, deductions for federal and state tax credits, and record keeping. Registration coming soon.

Home Ownership 101

Tuesday, February 6

6 p.m. EST

There are so many steps in the homebuying process that it can quickly become overwhelming.

Learn about:

  • Choosing the best mortgage for you

  • Calculating affordability ratios

  • The protection a sales contract can offer

  • Compare hazard insurance

  • The importance of whole house inspections

​Registration coming soon.