Costs and Gifts of Caring: Using Mindfulness and Meditation

  • 11/09/2022 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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  • Costs and Gifts of Caring: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Move from Compassion Distress to Compassion Resilience

    “Endurance does not come from hope alone. It begins with knowing, and having the courage to face and accept, the reality of the ground upon which we stand. Survival comes from balancing reality with optimism and hope.” ~ Amy Acton, MD, April 2020

    While balancing reality with optimism and hope is more challenging now than ever in our lives, meditation and mindfulness offers an oasis of calm and insight. Let’s take some time together to mindfully explore, honor, and celebrate our ability to survive, adapt, and continue growing personally and professionally. Meditation can help us recognize that hidden in our struggle is the resilience needed to propel us forward.  

    The costs and gifts of caring can be placed onto a continuum that progresses from compassion distress to compassion satisfaction and even to compassion resilience. As we explore the neuroscience of mindfulness and meditation, we will practice new ways to harness energy and discover our capacity to engage our own oasis regularly and in the moments we need it most. 

    Presenters: Mary Vicario, LPCC-S, CTP, and Ilea Dugger, CTS, CPRS

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