CIT for Emergency Communications

  • 1/11/2022 8:30 AM - 1/12/2022 4:30 PM
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  • Amanda Shaw
  • CIT for Emergency Communications 

    Emergency communications professionals are a critical link in the Crisis Intervention Team! This two day training is open to any 911 call taker, dispatch or emergency communications professional in Hamilton County, Ohio.

    The first day of training is nationally recognized Mental Health First Aid curriculum, which provides basic knowledge of mental health, mental health crisis and how to recognize these. Participants will receive a certification in Mental Health First Aid, good for 3 years!

    The second day is CIT and Emergency Commuications specific- including an overview of the history of CIT and use of CIT in Hamilton County, provide skills building in recognizing a mental health crisis and the appropriate questions to ask and relay to the responding CIT officer. De-Escalation and active listening skills are practiced, and the day ends with informaiton on how to care for yourself as a first responder. 

    Please note, there will be a $25 late cancellation fee for any registrations cancelled 48 hours prior to the event. This fee will also be applied to no-shows. Participants will be invoiced by email within 7 days after event. 

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