Fixing the Hole in the Sidewalk: Collaborative Problem Solving

  • 8/06/2020 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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  • Virtual Platform
  • Kara Atwell
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  • *This training will be conducted virtually.*

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    Presenter: Mary Vicario LPCC-S, CTS

    Session Summary:  When a child demonstrates challenging behavior within the classroom, adults attempting to address the behavior can often fall into a cycle of frustration and power struggle, which results in a lose/lose outcome. This training will teach participants the brain chemistry underlying common challenging behaviors such as aggression, opposition, lying and stealing so that behaviors can be understood within a manageable framework. Participants will learn how to assess the context of behavior in a way that allows them to reframe behaviors as solvable problems. Participants will learn how to recognize and work through common problem-solving barriers leading to power struggle and a lose/lose outcome. This training will explore how to use a Collaborative Problem-Solving approach (CPS) to empathically work with children to address challenging behaviors and facilitate mutually satisfying solutions that promote new behavioral learning.

    Learning Objectives – Upon completing this training participants will be able to:

    1. Describe and apply the core concepts of collaborative problem solving.
    2. Reframe behavior as solvable problems
    3. Identify and address lagging skills that result in challenging behavior
    4. Work through problem solving barriers that result in power struggles to create win/win outcomes.
    5. Develop an empathic and collaborative approach to children with challenging behaviors.