Peer Support

Peers are survivors of mental health and/or substance abuse experiences that guide and support other individuals in their recovery.

Recovery Network Peer Support: Peer specialists offer at no charge, goal oriented support for people who want help with their recovery from mental or substance use. Individual assistance and group activities help clients achieve their Employment, Mental Health, Physical Health, Social Health, Education, Housing, Legal issues and Substance Abuse goals.

The P.I.E.R., Personal Involvement Empowering Recovery, located at 1002 Monmouth, Newport, KY structured, small-group classes and recreational activities in an environment that encourages individual initiative and development of a social network that puts participants on a path of positive self-awareness, growth and recovery.  P.IE.R. encourages participation in daily operations as well as activities. PIER classes show individuals how to respond to challenges within their lives and within themselves. These include basic life skills of how to shop for and cook a healthy, low-cost meal; or how to locate and apply for a job; how to use their inner resources for their own benefit through anger management; how to develop a WRAP® plan for personal crises. P.IE.R. provides a place for the pursuit of a healthy, holistic life style through which the individual is able to achieve wellness within a matrix of new relationships based on self-understanding, mutual acceptance and self-esteem. Call the P.I.E.R. directly at 859-547-6539 for more information.


Compeer operates in Warren and Clinton Counties, Ohio. The volunteer program helps people with mental illness live happier, healthier, more productive lives through the power of volunteer friendship! Compeer utilizes volunteer friendship to help people with mental illness feel more connected to their community, feel less loneliness & isolation and to increase their self esteem and independence. There are many volunteer opportunities available. You can make a difference through 1-1 friendships, phone matches, or by teaching a skill. No experience necessary. All it takes is a caring heart. There are 168 hours in a you have a couple to share? It's fun.

  1. You'll be doing recreational activities with a friend; like going to the movies, out to eat, sporting events or even taking a class together.
  2. It's flexible. It can fit into almost anyone's schedule. It only takes a few hours a month.
  3. It's rewarding. You'll feel good about yourself.
  4. It's a great way to meet people.
  5. It's worthwhile. You'll be making a difference in your community, your world, and in the lives of people recovering from mental illness.

To volunteer contact Michelle Rolf at or 513-721-2910 ext 11

Leadership Opportunities

Empowerment Team: Volunteer peers oversee the activities and fund raising events of Recovery Network and the P.I.E.R. The Empowerment Team meets the 1st Tuesday of each month from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Committee Members: There are great committee member tasks that are available too. Committee opportunities are available through membership at the P.I.E.R.
Advocacy opportunities are available through voter registration, state committee representations, sifting through important legislative issues and developing a strong unified voice.

  • Kentucky the KY Mental Health Advocacy Coalition open advocacy meeting meets at lunch time on a week day about 6 times per year in the Louisville area. If you have any questions, please contact

Sheila Schuster at or Sherry Pritts
Advocacy Action Network
120 Sears Ave.  Suite#212
Louisville, KY  40207
Office: (502)894-0222
Toll Free: 1-877-894-0222
Fax: (502) 894-0635

  • MHANKYSWOH Volunteer Application

Peer Support Trainings

KY Leadership Academy

KY  Peer Support Specialist Training

  • The next training will be held the week of Monday, October 30- Friday, November 3, 2017 at the Life Learning Center in Covington, KY.
  • Click here for Kentucky's Adult Peer Support Specialist certification application.
  • Contact Kara Atwell at with any questions

OH Peer Support Specialist Trainings